An Appeal

I was born in a political family in “East Bengal” (now known as Bangladesh).

My father was involved in covert anti-British political movement at that time while my elder brothers were directly involved in it, to the extent that several important political leaders often visited our house.

Interestingly enough, my in-laws’ were also equally involved in politics. My father-in-law, Birendra Chandra Chattopadhyay, brother-in-law Puspa Ranjan Chattopadhyay and my husband Santi Ranjan Chattopadhyay were all deeply involved in the anti British freedom struggle.

Since they were the believers of  “armed struggle” against the British Raj, the then British Government sent them to different jails across India. They were ‘DANGEROUS’ in the eyes of the rulers and naturally faced tremendous physical as well as mental torture, which was the common fate of all political prisoners during the British rule.
I think the history of such ‘unsung’ heroes as well as the great leaders of the Indian Freedom Movement, find little place in the present-day school syllabus. Naturally, the present young generation is barely aware about the sacrifices and heroic achievements of their predecessors.

Therefore, a correct and fuller knowledge of the past becomes an essentiality for our young ones. They should feel proud that they are the successors of great leaders like ‘Masterda Surya Sen’, ‘Saheed Bhagat Singh’, ‘Pritilata Waddeder’ or ‘Durga Bhabi’.

This web archive is dedicated to the youth, who today or in future will take a lesson from this ‘Golden Period’ of struggle and strive to uproot the disparities of our motherland.

- Kamala Chatterjee