Towards Freedom

This website is dedicated solely to the purpose of learning and re-searching the history of India’s struggle for Freedom from the yoke of imperialism.

We are the family members and famiy lfriends of three freedom fighters, viz

1.   Birendrachandra Chattopadhyay (Anushilan Samity/ Joint Bengal)
2.   Pusparanjan Chattopadhyay (Bengal Volunteers/ Joint Bengal)
3.   Santiranjan Chattopadhyay (Forword Block/ Joint Bengal)

Their glorious memories served as our starting point. But, as everyone knows, history never starts with one or two individuals. Then, where should we locate the beginning of the Freedom Struggle ? The only possible answer available in the history itself is- Indian peasantry through their innumerable valiant struggles and revolts made that beginning And, the struggle started well before the so-called ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ of 1857 which is generally accepted as India’s “First War of Independence”.

With highest respect and gratefulness, here we must mention about one special freedom fighter and historian. (He was a member of Jugantar Group. For three years, 1934 - 37, and was lodged in Hijli Jail and Berhampur Detention Camp). Starting from the decade of 1950’s, he took unparallel efforts, and almost single handed initiative, labour and marathon exercise to write and record the history of India’s Freedom struggle. His pen-name SUPRAKASH ROY was much more known than his original name-Sudhir Chandra Bhattacharya. Two books by him, covering two major periods of our freedom struggle, are kept here in our Resources section, as our basis and orientation. Since the books are written in Bengali, we have taken up the task of translating those in English for wider readership. Continuous development of this web-site will be a process and that includes the cultural aspect as well. ‘Cultural Front’ has always been a very important part of any great movement.

When a particular ‘Class’ and their historians interpreted history (sic) only to serve their interest and wish to shape our knowledge according to their concoctions or distortions, then what one could do? The only task left is to acknowledge our indebtedness to the great struggle and the martyrs and heroes and rediscover and reiterate history as that be. During last seven decades or so, lot of good books have been written and research works have been done. Those are scattered in the libraries and book-stores or even personal collections, all over India and beyond the border. Though we have aimed high, let us see how many of them we can collect to help our readers.

Last but not least. This initiative of us is completely devoid of any commercial purpose and profit motive.